Hawaii: Where to Stay and Scuba

Take a dip in the legendary blue waters of Hawaii…

It’s a destination that’s on everyone’s bucket list, but once you get there where will you scuba?

You don’t need to be on a honeymoon to enjoy the shimmering blue waters of America’s tropical island paradise, but you might need to shell out a fair bit of cash. Part of the reason why this archipelago is so highly sought after by newly-weds is the exclusivity and freedom that it offers holidaymaker, not to mention the fantastic scuba diving spots that are on offer. But this abundance of warm, clear water and bright white beaches come at a price: at their cheapest a 30-hour round trip will cost you around £760.

Still, if you manage to find flights that don’t completely break the bank then you’ll want to make sure that you find scuba spots that will keep you busy, as well as places to stay nearby:


On the northern shores of O’ahu lies Haleiwa. Like many other of the small communities in Hawaii, the 4,000 or so folks that live in this town benefit hugely from the tourist industry and as a result are friendly and more than happy to show you the best places to scuba. Luckily there’s also a good dive centre here that will help you reach the places that the locals can’t show you.

Who to scuba with: Hawaii Eco Divers

Some of the most exclusive sites in Hawaii are spotted around the North Shore which makes Hawaii Eco Divers well positioned to show you them. Their expert knowledge of the local area allows them to adapt and change their plans depending on what the weather throws at them, so they can always show you something worth seeing.

Where to stay: Haleiwa Surf

Within walking distance of the main town as well as some fantastic restaurants, this simple accommodation is the perfect choice for any travellers looking to avoid the pricey resort hotels and feel that much closer to the sea. This place is also ideal for surfers who want to make the most of the swell that the Haleiwa beaches offer.


This good sized town takes its name (the Hawaiian word for ‘fierce’) from a group of bandits that were based in the nearby Mākaha Valley. Thankfully there are no longer any bandits roaming this bustling island community, but you will find plenty of opportunities to discover new scuba spots and excellent beaches.

Who to scuba with: Underwater Oahu

Mike is the owner and lead instructor at Underwater Oahu one of Hawaii’s leading dive centres. Mike’s come a long way since beginning his diving career in Maine back in 2005, since then he’s assembled a team of diving experts who’s skills vary from Mixed Gas Blending to Decompression Procedures.

Where to stay: Hawaiian Princess Resort

Don’t be put off by the name, this quiet seafront apartment block offers great value accommodation with all the freedom of a relaxed hostel and the service of a 3-star hotel. An outdoor pool, barbecue areas and tennis courts make this a great option for groups.


Although locals may warn you off from Hawaii’s capital it’s worth braving the crowds to make the most of the cheaper prices. Honolulu is one of the oldest settlements on the islands and benefits from a fantastic diving community that has been at the forefront of the sport for decades.

Who scuba with: Ocean Legends Hawaii Scuba Diving

Offering some of the best rates on the island, Ocean Legends offer the full compliment of PADI certificates as well as guided tours around the best spots that Hawaii has to offer. The team at Ocean Legends is led by Darren Fox who tries to bring the professional scuba diver out of every person who trains with him.

Where to stay: Pacific Marina Inn

Prices can be steep when you stay in Honolulu which is why it’s not a bad idea to look a little further afield when looking for accommodation. The Pacific Marina Inn is far enough out of the main city to be affordable to most whilst also offering a decent standard of service and facilities.