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We’re a friendly group of scuba enthusiasts and we want to help you organise your next Scuba Adventure!


“I’ve been an avid diver since I was 13. My first dive was a Scout Camp in a freezing cold swimming pool. There might not have been much to look at but I loved it all the same and begged my parents to take me to lessons when I get home. Soon I was saying goodbye to the Scouts and was spending every bit of my spare time underwater – things haven’t really changed since then! I’ve been on loads of dives around the world and hope to point you in the direction of some really interesting places!”


“I was always a bit of bad swimmer when I was younger and I never liked putting my head underwater, obviously things have changed a bit since then…After working in a hostel in the Caribbean for a few years in my twenties I was dragged out to try scuba diving and found myself enjoying it much to my surprise! I live back in the UK now but still make time for diving, as well as finding great scuba-friendly accommodation options for would-be adventurers.”


“I’m what us divers refer to as an ‘old salt’. Having served in the Navy for most of my life I was lucky enough to travel the world getting thousands of hours diving experience whilst serving my country. Now I’m retired I get to choose where and when I dive, which is much preferable! I spent a lot of my time researching new places to dive as well as trying out new gear which I sometimes review for other websites, which means I’ve always got a new toy to play with for me next dive!”

Sun Star Scuba Adventures is made up of three experienced divers who have decided to share their knowledge on the topic so that other divers (and even beginners) can put together their own diving adventures! Should you wish to ask them a question you can do so by heading to the ‘Say Hello‘ page.