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Breaking News Sunstar merges with another local dive club to form Ipswich Dive Club

Christmas 2010 As of 6th August 2014 Sunstar Sub Aqua has merged with the Ipswich Sub Aqua Club to form the new, bigger, better, stronger Ipswich Dive Club (iDive): Go there for all up-to-date information about diving in and around Ipswich.

Christmas Meal 2010 - Oyster Reach Beefeater Restaurant, IPSWICH

Christmas 2010 Sunstar Club's Christmas meal was held on 3rd December 2010 at the Oyster Reach restaurant. This event was organised by our social secretary, Chris Nixon and Linda, his wife. Sadly Chris had to step down from his post as he's more than served his 'time'. We would like to say Thank You Chris (and Linda) for your services to the club. Several photos were taken by Frances Cook on the night. Sadly some of the photos were too fuzzy so were not included in this selection. Sorry to have disappointed some of you but she will make sure to make up for it next year by taking photos at social and diving events. This year's Golden Porthole Award for outstanding contribution to the club went to Adrian Barker, our Treasurer for careful management of club's finances (at last a banker who deserves an award). The Steve Jensen Trophy for organising the best dive holiday went jointly to Simon Steward and Adrian Barker for the Red Sea Liveaboard trip in March. We extend a warm welcome to Helen Mann, our new social secretary. If you don't know her she is in the photos posted on here so there's no excuse for not recognising her. We look forward to her fun-filled social events and please join in with family and friends.

Dive 2010 - NEC Birmingham

Dive 2010 At the end of October (30th-31st it is the annual Dive Show at the NEC. Here you'll have the opportunity to empty your wallet buying all that dive gear that (you think) you need or find and book that dive-trip-of-a-lifetime. There are also the various presentations and exhibitor seminars you can attend. As usual the club vehicle will be making its way along the A14 & M6 to Birmingham and the NEC. Contact David if you wish to join the trip and let him know which day you would prefer. This year we have two tickets to give away to lucky winners of a difficult competition. All you have to do is answer the following question: Where is Dive 2010 taking place? Answer to the Chairman or Secretary by word-of-mouth, email, phone or whatever by Monday 18th October. Winners will be drawn from a hat in the Lord Nelson that evening.


Dorset05 In September a couple of members headed down south for some shore dives off Chesil Beach. The weather was not brilliant so they moved to Portland Chesil Cove were they had a fantasic dive among many cuttlefish and pollock, though kelp and over rock. Vis was 8 meters in some parts. They were not so lucky with Newtons Cove (no viz) and so moved back to Chesil Cove for two dives the following day.


Farnes At the beginning of August there was a fun filled six days of diving in the Farnes. The weather was kind to us as we had sunshine on at least 5 of the 6 days. We had at least 15-20m vis. The seals were amazing as usual. We ended up using a new 10m RIB that William Shiel has added to the Glad Tidings fleet.


Nudibranch This potentially week long July trip opened on a Saturday morning with a 6am meet-up on Weybourne beach. For the first dive on the Rosalie (just off Weybourne beach) we had at least 5 metres viz. The following morning it was even better at ~7m. She was as pretty as ever - smothered in anemones, dead mans fingers et al, crawling with crabs, lobsters, nudibanchs and other assorted critters. The time between slacks was filled with drifts across the chalk gullies. (Photos)

Early UK Diving

icebergs April/May/June has seen various trips to exotic locations like Stoney Cove and Gildenburgh. We've also been diving off the Norfolk coast and others have been down to the south coast. At the beginning of June Calypso was active with some diving off Felixstowe.

Red Sea

Dolphins In mid-march there was the long awaited trip to Egypt for a week on the Blue Pearl. We did the northern "Wrecks & Reefs" tour, and despite the wind (which reached force 7 on the last day) had a great trip. Pia (the Blue Pearl's Dive Guide) organised things well and, as well as the Thistlegorm, we managed to get a dive on the Rosalie Moller - a first for all(?) of us. The highlight of the week for most of us was when a pod of nine dolphins joined us on a late morning dive at Seyul Kebira Lagoon - absolute magic!
This time there were surprisingly few contributions for this year's turkey awards, but lack of quantity was balanced by Toby's excellent contribution!


Panto In January there was a visit to the panto at Capel St Mary - Cinderella - performed by the Orchard Players. There was the added attraction(?) of our very own Paul Mann as one of the ugly sisters along with Helen as Baroness Hardup. An excellent show - enhanced at one point by that "International man of mystery" (Raj) being dragged up on stage to dance with the other ugly sister. (Unfortunately no photo). I wonder if Paul will be adding his eyelashes to his diving gear? (From their size they seemed to be a great tool for demisting the inside of a mask if it started to steam up on a dive!).

Partnership with Ipswich Borough Council

IBC Sunstar have entered into a Partnership agreement with Ipswich Borough Council (through our use of the Fore Street Pool) and have achieved the Sport England 'Clubmark' standard. Details on the Clubmark scheme can be downloaded from the Sport England website download pages.

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